I love beauty in any manifestation. So I try to make the world better and do graphic design, photography and retouching.

I prefer a natural retouch for the man in the photograph was recognizable. I know that now the subject of excessive retouching is relevant and therefore my aim to remove only a small imperfections that all of us want to hide, and I do it gently.

In recent year I am doing a new kind of retouching — working with the architectural lighting of monuments and facades. I help to visualize the lighting according to the project, to show how it will look at the implementation.

I’m also fond of fashion photography, reading various books on working with light, model and composition. Photograph on this topic is not very often, because I prefer to work out the idea of shooting. Most often I photograph the world around me — the rhythm of life has accelerated so that to remember the important things for me, I seek refuge with the help of photographs. And a very nice in winter evenings view summer photographs.

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