In the beginning of June I took part in the photo exhibition timed to the Forum of Chernozem Region Architecture. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Voronezh. Old and New’. I live in an area historically named as Chizhovka and decided to show how it interesting and full of contrasts.

Historical reference

Even in the century before last Chizhovka (Chuzhovka) was proud of an oak grove, thick lindens, a boulevard with flower beds and an English garden.

During the Second World War, fighting for Chizhovka lasted day and night — from July 6, 1942 until the liberation of the city — January 25, 1943. This area, built up mainly by small private houses, was of great strategic importance for the Soviet troops defending the city, since it is located on the elevated right bank of the Voronezh River.
From there, one of the main attacks on enemy troops was made during the liberation of the city in January 1943. On that day, January 25, 1943, the Voronezh-Kastornoy operation began from the Chizhovsky bridgehead.

A commemorative plaque on the first photo is just timed to those events. It says, “Lyulin’s lane was named in honor of Lieutenant-General Lyulin Georgii Dmitrievich, who died heroically in 1942 in the vicinity of a brick factory on Chizhovka.”

Chizhovka is even now known as ‘the lungs of Voronezh’. It is dominated by a private sector with dark green gardens, an unshakable way of life and streets, which flow down like random streams.
Chizhovka is a unique charm of urban coloring, our ‘highlight’.

Since recently, the district has become surrounded by high-rise buildings and against the background of old private houses they look monstrously. And modern devices on old houses look pretty funny. I love these old, squat houses of the private sector and I’m trying to grab onto an elusive story.

My friend, Nastya Biryukova, photographed me while visiting the architectural forum and exhibition.

And few unpublished photos.

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